Sunday, 8 November 2015

Why I Gave Up Blogging & Return

So from the title you can see this is about to get deep (Adele kind of deep you know that is serious stuff). I stopped blogging over three months ago it wasn't a decision that came to me that day I knew for a couple months before stopping I was completely loosing the passion and inspiration for taking pictures, writing out posts or even putting it out on social media had completely lost it's fun and became more a task that I in all honestly didn't want to do. I can moan at myself for not pushing through that time but it happened and there is no point regretting that now but I go into work stand there (it's Amazon by the way I wont get into that you can guess) and think I could be blogging right now. As well as I think I forget what is good for me a lot I get myself into other things that I don't really enjoy like work or watching tv shows that I wont remember what happened a week later that and let that effect everything else which isn't good and I want to work on that for sure so I don't let blogging take the back seat.

It's made me realise what I am missing after a few months of leaving the blogging community and all the goals I was hitting with blogging and the enjoyment I did get out of it before I let it become more of a task. I remember my boyfriend even trying to help me out with what I really wanted to do with my blog and I didn't even know then (this must have been around July/August) and wonder now if I was even loosing the passion then without realising yet. But I really want to try now find out what I want to do with my blog and while it will be struggle working and trying to blog so bare with me the schedule may be thrown out the window for a little while (my working hours are utterly horrendous). There might be one post a week or I might manage three a week but I am going to try make sure there is at least one.

Plus did you notice no black laptop it packed in and I treated myself to a MacBook Air I suppose Amazon played off for somethings.



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