Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Updated Book "Shelf"

You may have seen my previous Book Shelf a while back well I thought I would go over an update of a few books I have been loving lately as an update.

We Were Liars by e.lockhart
I think I read this in about two days you get hooked after a couple pages. There is a good few characters in the book so use the family tree at the start it's helpful to work out who is who cause if I didn't go back I think I would have been confused for the majority of the book. I'm not going to give any spoilers but you definitely don't see the ending coming and makes you want to go back and read it all again to see what clues you missed when reading that pointed out the obvious.

Wild by cheryl strayed
I actually seen the film before getting the book which is very unlike me I'm more a book before film kinda girl but I didn't even know there was a book to the film when I watched and I have only read a chapter of the book but I can tell I will be just as into it as the film and enjoy finding out more about the character and why she is doing the walk.

The Girl On The Train by paula hawkins
I got this one for my birthday and with the amount of hype around it I can tell it will be good after a few pages you can tell the main character has problems and you will slightly dislike her which I have to admit I do. I heard it's also getting made into a film so better get finishing before it is out.

Influence by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
I have dying to get this book for absolute ages and have always had problems with ordering it either it  didn't turn up or the website had no record of me ordering it so I gave up for a while until trying again recently to find it again and I found it and well obviously it arrived this time. I love Mary-Kate and Ashley but then again who doesn't they are the IT girls for me they are actresses, designers and style icons and this book shows you their influences in life with beautiful photography all the way though it's a must for every Mary-Kate & Ashley fan.

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