Wednesday, 5 August 2015

July Monthly Catch Up

Now, I'll  admit the blog has been a bit quiet over July and I think I got to that time every blogger gets where they just lost the passion and inspiration of it for a while and a well needed break is what they needed. So after getting that break and deciding what to do to get my passion back here I am blogging again and looking forward to having my regular content back on schedule. Saying that I am thinking of switching up the days I do post to give a break in-between each post so the previous one doesn't then get unnoticed so let me know what you think of that and if you have suggestions on days.

In general life I can't remember if I mentioned I finished college and have applied for more jobs than I can think of with a couple interviews. I suppose it's just at that stage but I am so ready to just be working already with the extra time though blogging shall become easier to update regularly. I also turn 21 on Sunday which is scary to think of I would love if life slowed down a bit I'm not up for getting older. I was also thinking of Youtube again I know I know I wrote that post saying I wouldn't ever but suggestions should I yes or no?

So let me know how your life has been generally down below I would love to know!



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