Sunday, 16 August 2015

A Beauty Haul

I may have had a cheeky trip to Boots and some online order's this month so I thought I would share the few things I have picked up.

Soap & Glory Rich & Foamous Body Wash
I can't go into Boots and not look at the Soap & Glory section it just pulls me in. After smelling a few Rich & Foamous was the winner it smells so good it's sweet but not overly sweet compared to over Soap & Glory Body Washes and this bottle will last me ages - like seriously months -.

Soap & Glory Hand Food
I always pick a mini one of these for my handbag and since my last one ran out I thought I would pick up another you really can't go wrong with this stuff.

Real Techniques Bold Metal 200
It's 'meant' for eyeshadow but when I picked it up I knew it would be perfect for under eye concealer it's shaped perfect for under eye and it's just big enough. For my first bold metal brush though I was disappointed I expected them to feel and the quality of the handle to be better than the original collection but I would say it's pretty similar feel.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky
I have already done a review on this palette check my last post. It's become a regular in my make up bag since I got it the shades are different than what I would go for definitely a lot darker but I'm kinda loving the darker look.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer
This is had such good reviews lately that I had to give into the pressure and just see what it's like it may even battle my beloved Nars Creamy Concealer I'll get back to you on that.

Quick Fix Facials Masks
I picked these up randomly in Boots I haven't even heard of the brand before but I have tried the exfoliating scrub and it worked really well with my skin so I hope the other one works just as well.

Now do you want to go to Boots? my apologies

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