Wednesday, 17 June 2015

UK Beauty Recommendations

If there is one thing I love about being in the UK it's that we do low end make up not to bad I'd say and when we call it low end it really is compared to other places in the world where high end and low end make up there isn't much of a difference in price at all.

I love MUA for their palettes they do amazing shades and they are all super pigmented to the point they really are dupes for Urban Decay palettes but at way cheaper price of around £2-£3. They also do multi use palettes with blushes, bronzer and highlighter are included so perfect for travelling.

Bourjois is one brand I never feel gets the love it deserves for being such a great brand from their foundations, bronzer, lipsticks and nail polishes they are all amazing quality. It's one brand even I know I need more products from.

Nothing beats a sleek palette for blusher they look so bright in the palette but come of natural on the face. They always do a variety of colours in them to your orange then peach and a pink. I also think the packaging looks so 'sleek' see what I done there.

Pure Colour | New Look
I just noticed the stand for pure colour pop up in most New Look stores in the last month of so and compared to most make up in a clothing shop it's not to bad. The lip liners were where I was drawn to they don't have many colours to pick from but the few they did were perfect for right now. The Kyle Jenner lip look yeah they had that liner for £2 so don't bother with the MAC one. They also do so many nail polishes I am not sure how well they are on the nails but all the colours looked amazing and I do want to try them out.

Barry M
Barry M aka the low end heaven for nail polish as I like to call it. Barry M polishes have never let me down they always do all the good stuff you want from a nail polish and the colours to pick from are ending up endless.

P.S TkMaxx beauty bits is the best for when you want to go for more high end make up but for a way cheaper price I could stand and look through their beauty bit for hours.


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