Sunday, 28 June 2015

Tips For Studying Childcare

There is nothing worse than getting told different things on what course to go for, what's the path, what is best for you and what the course really involves so from a former childcare student I thought I would give out a helping hand on what's what.

There is only two ways to do it study HNC or SVQ I done SVQ which is more placement based so more hands on which I what I like compared to more exams and such through HNC. So depending on what you prefer and what you are good at you pick between the two.

From what the course involves I think a lot of people think childcare is just sat playing games with children and while obviously that happens there is a ton more and that's why the courses are there from learning about legislation, child protection and child development ect it all adds up and becomes a stressful but worth it course to do. I have to admit though the way the course is run is something it can take a while to get used to as it is done by codes and each one has a sentence about something and you have to write about when you done each of these things in what they call 'reflective account' there is around 400 codes you have to cover which can seem like a lot but when you are putting 20-30 in just one 'reflective account' it adds up.

There was definitely times through my Level 2 I thought no way am I ever finishing this course due to stress but I did even if it was a month after the course finished. You get it done and it's all worth it.

The work placement you get put in is where you need to make the best impression it's basically a job. You are doing everything but not being paid cause at the end of the day they could be a reference or may want to take you on once you are qualified but if you don't show a good impression to want to be there then you have no chance. I always kept good time keeping and kept my self doing something most of the time to make it look I was interested in being there and wanting to help out it's basically making your self apart of the team.

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