Monday, 4 May 2015

US Beauty Recommendations

If there is one thing I love (and totally freaking jealous of) it's how the US do their beauty stores compared to little old UK. So I thought I would go through everything US beauty related so you know where to go to to get the best of the best when it comes to how the US do beauty.

We obviously have to start with the mothership Sephora now over in the UK we have slowly been able to order more and more from their website but still there is a few things it doesn't allow to be shipped (anyone got a clue why that is? I am way to curious). Things such as perfumes usually aren't allowed but in the way of samples this is the place to go whether that's in the shop or online it's kinda sample crazy (not that I am complaining gotta love a good sample!). Right now they are doing mini fragrances but you always get your other samples at checkout there is more choice to pick from samples in the shop.

Next you've got more of your shops for drugstore make-up such as Ulta and Wallgreens beauty at the drugstore in America is so much better in the way that new releases as they always seem to come out there first which is specially good if your a British blogger. So you can snap up those reviews before the launch over here so people get an idea what it's like and if it's worth it before the brand even talk about it. You also get your brands that aren't even stocked over here such as Lorac (also available in Sephora), IT cosmetics and Physicians Formula that are so worth checking out.

Any more recommendations leave them below

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