Thursday, 7 May 2015

Spring/Summer Scents

If there is one thing I love about the Spring/Summer time it's the lighter more sweeter scents for day to day. I have picked my top three perfumes and I thought I would go over it.

Chloe Eae de Parfum
A recent love of just this year and I can't get enough of is the one I reach for out of the three and gives a floral but light smell. It does have a touch of a sweet smell of it too. The packaging looks adorable too and sits out on my dresser perfectly.

DKNY Be Delicious Floral
This is definitely more floral than the Chloe perfume so if you ain't a floral girl this isn't for you. But it also gives a hint of sweetness in there too. So it balances out the perfume perfectly.

Scentin AVON
I can't find this one online as I but if you manage to come across it then go for it. It's different from both of the others mentioned as it's more of a sweet, coconut and a summery scent. I could always
go back to this one when it hits summer it's one of those perfumes that brings back memories.

Can you tell I ain't the best at describing scents? let me know down below of your spring/summer scents.

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