Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Snacks That You Feel Good Snacking On

If there is one thing I love it's food but who doesn't right. I thought I'd go over a few snacks I will try and go for when I need a little pick me up that aren't chocolate or crisps it's hard but you got to try. Let me know down below if you like these posts and I'll make them monthly so you know what I am eating.

Sweetened Banana Chips
I could properly live of these they are so good they are almost a replacement for crisps at lunch. Honestly if you don't even like banana's I would try these a try as they do taste a little different. I picked these one's up in Asda.

Carabao Mango
Can you tell I like my dried out fruit?. Compared to the banana's I can't eat as much of these as I get bored of the taste but I like a few. They are just slices of the mango in the bag so if you like mango (and dried out fruit) then these are worth a try. I picked these one's up from Aldi.

Hummus & Breadsticks
The combo I live by these stacker pots from Morrison's (Asda and Sainsbury's also do stacker pots) are great you get just the right amount that will do for a snack or I even like these for a lighter lunch.I love using they little mini bread sticks from Sainbury's I have tried crackers and the large bread sticks but it's either a mess or not worth the time so these mini one's fit perfect and don't look like you've made a huge mess of crumbs from everything breaking.

So monthly food update?                                                         

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