Thursday, 28 May 2015

May Monthly Catch Up

Life - I think letting see what happens has kinda been my moto for this month as I have really gone with the flow and just relaxed that's with relationships, friends and everything in general. I have to admit it's the best thing I have done and it's put a ton of pressure off me. 

College - I can't really believe that's down to weeks until I finish studies forever it's really an end of a chapter (to get all cheesy on you). I am excited but scared to finally 'live' in a way and experience earning for my self (that's when I get the job). Specially since compared to my last course I feel like I will pass before the end. 

Blogging - As I went on about above I have let my self go with the flow and blogging really came apart of that. For the last few months I really lost the love for blogging and forgot why I started but I feel it was the look of my blog that done that for me. The design made the posts look boring and the display was just unappealing so when I bit the bullet as to say and bought my new design it made me fall straight back in love with what I am doing again and made me realise why I blog basically everyday.  

How was your month?


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