Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fitness Wear That's Affordable - But Looks Amazing

If there is one thing I love it's buying new fitness wear it's kinda turned into 'I'll feel more motivated if I buy new clothes' I am properly lying to myself but when it looks so pretty at an affordable price I can't quite help my self. I thought I would share the shops I am loving recently for buying fitness clothes at such a good price so you can end up using this excuse too (my apologies in advance).

First of is the babe of H&M recently they have totally upped their fitness wear and it all looks so pretty the three bra's in the picture is from H&M. I specially love the bottom one the brighter the better when it comes to fitness wear for me. I don't exactly have a small bust but they hold so well and I don't find myself fixing their bra's very much at all.

Next up is MissGuided they recently introduced their active range and every piece is beautiful. I picked up their leggings and they fit a dream and since they were long legged they worked amazing during winter since my legs get cold so easily. Now I am dreaming of their slogan tops specially this "less hustle more muscle'.

Lastly is TKMaxx the perfect place if you are just starting out in fitness wear as it's cheap but the quality is always good, The leggings in the picture are from TKMaxx website so less chance you'll find them in the shop it's always a mix of things in their shops but you always find a bargain. I got my first workout bra from there and I still use it when my other one is in the wash it fits a dream.

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