Sunday, 17 May 2015

A New Design, A New Look

So if you haven't noticed already you'll see a totally new design on RebekahMaryx that I couldn't be happier with. After a year and a couple months of the same design I created myself (not so well let's remember) I decided I needed to go looking for some designs.

I have went on about it on here and twitter that I was looking for a few good months but I definitely wanted to be sure I picked the right one specially since I was paying for it. When I seen pipdig designs I knew it would be one of theirs working out which was the harder bit but when I found it I knew (I picked Ghost Shell if you are wondering). I love how simplistic it looks it's definitely what I was going for as I don't like the bright busy look I find it way to distracting and I am hoping people (you) are the same.

I still have all the usual down the side instagram, social links etc but I am so happy my popular posts now looks decent I hated the small picture and the writing everywhere it just looked so unprofessional . (can blogging look unprofessional I am not sure that's for another time?)  So I hope you like it and it's easier and nice to navigate around let me know your thought's below!

p.s do I keep the related posts on the home page or put them under each individual posts let me know what you think below.

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