Sunday, 12 April 2015

Weekend Outfits

For the sunday post today I thought I'd give a little overall look at some of my recent weekend outfits. To be honest with this post I might do it more regular to see if I up my style and don't stick to the same black jeans and leggings you can see I do wear like 100% of the time.

Going back to the black jeans, I honestly think there is nothing better than a staple pair even if I do wear them all the time. I pick up the High Waisted New Look and they fit like a babe. They work with a crop top you can see in the first and last picture. and Also with more baggy tops tucked in. My black leggings from Zara work amazing with more baggy tops too as you can see from the middle one they are also super comfy.

White, white white I seem to wear a lot of it looking up there from the basic white tee that I also have handy to something with a design around the bottom or the added pop of colour. I honestly just feel adding something white brightens my face up. It seems when I am not wearing white I have my trusty New Look flannel on. It's baggy and works with my jeans or leggings perfect for those lazy days or tucked in looks 'stylish' well the most stylish I get.

So there it is my 'style diary' oh maybe that's what I should call it let me know down below if you liked this kind of post. Follow me over on Instagram to catch the snaps before they land here.

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