Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Spring/Summer Flats

I talked a bit about these in my Monthly Favourites yesterday and promised a proper post with some more photos of them so here we are ready for me to ramble on my new purchase. Basically I can't stop wearing them since I got them they literally are going to be my Spring/Summer flat for sure.

First of they were an utter pain to break in and the back of my foot got a little graze but after a day or two they were fine and I could wear them with no bother at all. Wearing slip on socks or no socks is the deal with these due to the fact any sock sticks up over the shoe and it isn't exactly a pretty look.

I wore them around the park and they were super comfortable and go with basically everything.
I love wearing my back jeans rolled up at the bottom then I pop these on or with my skater dress and these look really good. They literally will be a huge staple and are winners for sure!.

Topshop Tornado Pointed Shaker Shoes £20

Leave any summer/spring purchases you have been getting already?

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