Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Monthly Catch Up

The blog has been quiet for this week which I'll get into but a good break is sometimes just what you need when the pressure builds up. For this months monthly catch up I wanted to be completely honest and give a full on catch up as I love doing these posts and really rambling with you lot.

On the blogging front I have felt pretty uninspired with what I could post as I like to keep it interesting and not post for the sake of a post. I want to be able to look back on all my posts and think I remember writing that I loved it and recently I just couldn't think of anything so I took a step back took a week or so out of blogging and focused on everything else such as college, placement and other things and came back to thinking of blogging by the end of the week. While I still felt a little bit of *ahh what do I post* and *ahh I hope people don't think I'm not keeping to my so called schedule* .But I have to remember this is my blog and if I have days I don't want to post anything it's cool and not a big deal. So if you can see from my notepad in the picture I have been noting down ideas and my phone has gathered a few as well in my notes so blogging if a main focus right now specially with Easter holidays I can have blogging as my main aim and it really does excite me now.

With around 10 weeks left of college it's getting to the scary part of getting everything finished and finally being qualified. With getting to the end of the course the work piles up and for getting it sent back to me gets slower witch does worry me like mad specially with how the last course ended so let's just cross our fingers right?!.

This would be the biggest part if I really shared everything but I like to keep some things to myself as life has been pretty mad recently and it's kinda got me down. But in the last day it's perked up and I am hoping it lasts the rest of the month maybe even then I'll willingly ramble on about it.

Let me know what you've been getting up to in the month of March.

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