Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Fitness Update

Not had one of these in a while have we well it's mainly that I stopped working out, I know tut tut tut. My main problem is I loose the passion in what I am doing. If you have read my previous fitness posts you'll know I was doing pilates using blogilates and I did love it using the the monthly calender. I just get bored of the same thing after a while and instead of finding something else I just stopped which now I am annoyed with my self about. Instead of thinking of the negative I started back not using anything from youtube and done my own thing. So let's run down what I have been using to get myself off my bum.

1. Running
Now I aint talking around a park or the neighbourhood. I set it into my routine so I will do 10 minutes cardio ect then stop and run laps in the garden then take a rest and repeat that process a couple more times. It is a killer specially starting out but I am hoping the longer I do it the easier it will be (let's all just hope right?).

2. Cardio
If you have a stepper board then 1. I am jealous and 2. I am doing just that using the steps into my garden. I have around 3 steps and as simple as it sounds I walk up then walk down. Picking up the speed while stepping. I do get light headed easy so I usually just stop for a second till I feel okay then start again.

3. Playlist
Music is what really gets me motivated that and Demi Lovato's' Instagram because dang she is looking good. Radio isn't what everyone would think to use when working out but I love sticking Radio 1 on and listening to it while working out when there isn't music I usually either have my rest or have a laugh to get my mind of how my body is feeling it seems to work for me. I put together a playlist of songs that have popped up while working out which you can check out.

Let me know if you want these more monthly it might even keep my motivation.

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