Monday, 27 April 2015

Inside The Bathroom Cabinet

I thought I'd go through everything I keep in my bathroom cupboard aka the place where everything seems to end up and I have no idea how that happens. I like to keep back ups, soaps and to many bottles of sun cream (yes I have an obsession).

On the left I keep my back ups from shampoo, conditioners and cleansers. As I go on about there is no cleanser I love more than my Simple Purifying Cleanser and I keep my back ups in here for when I have finished my current bottle next to all my other skincare. I also keep a back up for *ahh my hair is a total mess this is it's rescue* shampoo from Head & Shoulders it's specifically for dealing with dandruff which my hair is so bad for at times so I'll pop this on if my hair is breaking out in dandruff.

The middle is set for soaps, bath bombs and others. I got these home made soaps from a little store that does dinky cute things and they smell amazing and last so long. I have one in my shower from the little collection and love using it. I also got these box of bath bombs for Christmas last year and haven't got right around to finishing the box but I love to keep them in here to stay fresh as I noticed if you leave bath bombs out they can then do nothing when you pop them in the bath as they have dried out.

My true addiction sun cream I don't even realise I buy so much till I look in here but I have up to 50+ not that I'll be using it this year since I am not going somewhere warm. I think it's just the smell of sun cream that does it for me Garnier are my favourite for good sun cream.

Leave a few things you keep in your bathroom cabinet


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