Monday, 13 April 2015

Do I Youtube?

I feel now a days with new bloggers it can come as almost a must to have a YouTube along with your blog. It can even come to a point where you can be made to feel you must and if you don't your blog just wont look as good enough as other bloggers out there. So while this may be me rambling (ranting) I thought I would give my view on it and if I would ever give the video thing a go.

I don't think I have said this anywhere on my blog (excuse me if I have) but I did try YouTube. Yup there was a video out there of me rambling about products. But it just never felt natural to me and editing is definitely my lowest ever skill. I may be a wiz with computers but unfortunately the editing just wasn't my skill. I also feel it's so quick for someone to judge you when they are seeing you talk, move and mess up. I just didn't feel comfortable with it but that's totally my view and of course other people have different. I love YouTube don't get me wrong props to people who do it you guys are amazing you'll know that if you follow my twitter it's all I am going on about.

It isn't a must but it's cool if you want to do it to have it along with your blog. If you felt a bit like what I did then don't put the pressure on your self being a blogger is well enough your giving 100% to your own little place online and that's something to be proud of.

leave your views below and tell me if you knew what I was getting at I know my rambling get confusing.


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