Thursday, 30 April 2015

April // The Monthly Catch Up

I have kinda loved April I feel better with life, more positivity with planning blogging posts and nearly finishing college. It definitely is the sun that helps with overall feeling more positive it's been so nice lately and finally taking off the baggy jumpers and scarfs. (thank god!)

LIFE // I went into it in last month a little about how good my life has looked up and I couldn't be happier that it feels so much easier dealing with everything. It all comes down to organisation and thinking more before I talk and what my future will be. With thinking about future work plans, future blog posts and where I will be living if you read my About Me you'll know I have always wanted to live in London but due to 'certain things' I have been looking further I'll go more into that next month but the more I look the more I want to travel.

COLLEGE // It's fair to say I am dying to finish college with 5 or so weeks left it's nearing the end. So it's re mediating the last parts and sending it off (crossing my fingers it's finished too). It's stressful but I just have to think it will be over soon.

BLOGGING // I have felt a mix of feelings with blogging not just this month but the last few it's been mainly a block of ideas and just I am not sure where this is going type thing. But I feel I have brought my self out of that and really loved it this week or so (other than my laptop charger breaking and having no laptop to post anything that is) I have been blogging away and thinking of little ideas for posts more and more it feels the little break helped see what I loved about it.

How is your month been leave it below!

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