Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What's In My Bag 2015

Ever since I made my blog I have never done a what's in my bag post I know shocker!. So I thought it was time to join the bandwagon and give you the low down on what I carry about all day hurting my shoulder with.

Glamour Magazine
I always carry a copy of the months Glamor magazine, it's perfect to take out when I am sitting bored or waiting. Since I got my subscription for the year it's basically always Glamour you'll be finding in my bag.

I got these one's last year during Summer and they are still lasting me. I picked them up from New Look but after a browse at their sunglasses last weekend a new pair shall be needed they are all so beautiful.

Phone and Camera
Now just imagine the phone is in the case there but instead I was using it to take the photo. I carry my camera around more for pictures of places it isn't the best for shorts like these but it does me.

Diary and Pen
I love this diary I got last year from Kate Spade it's so small so fits everywhere and I plan my day off in it, it really keeps me organised.

Hand Cream and Spray/Perfume
I adore the Soap and Glory body spray's thy aren't heavy smells but really fresh and light perfect when you need that little spouse throughout the day. The hand cream is just as good and is a huge staple just got to watch taking out of my bag as everyone wants a shot.

I obviously need in my house so my keys are always in my bag I have this cute elephant keyring from when I first got a house key so it's pretty sentimental. The cath kidson keyring is newer and perfect for when I am searching in my bag for my key and usually can't find it now it has this huge keyring on it it's pretty hard to miss.

I basically can't live without earphones, know those days you leave them at home by accident and your day is ruined yeah that's a nightmare for me. You all know I love my music from my monthly playlists at the end of the month. P.s this month is looking so freaking good.

Peppersmith mints*
I am always carrying mints or chewing gum about you just gotta right you need that fresh smelling breath.

Lip products
You can bet yourself that there is always a lip product in my bag without a doubt and when I looked in my bag when I went to take the photo I had two. Both were peachy reds so you could tell that's what I have been feeling this month... oops spoiler alert for monthly favourites.

and of course a hair band they may always disappear but I am lucky enough I somehow always have one in my bag in case of emergencies.

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