Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Sample Stash

This is after I have got to using my samples that seem to just pile up and up and I never get around to use them. So I thought I'd go over the one's I have now and where they came from, what they do and when is the best time to try out samples.

Urban Decay Primer
You get four shades in this sample and they are big samples so I was so impressed. Sephora are known for having good samples with their deliveries and when this was in the box. I got all excited after wanting to try the primer for so long. You get to even pick your samples with Sephora so it's kinda the best thing ever.

Becca Foundation
Becca is not a brand I really know much about but was curious so when this came in the Sephora order as well I was pretty interested in trying them out. A full review is coming soon and I have a feeling I am going to love them.

Clarines Double Serum
I have never tried a serum and when this came I got pretty interested. I mean my skin is doing perfect without a serum but there is no harm in trying it out right?

Rimmel Foundation
If you caught my review of this foundation you'll know I already love it like a lot. So soon as the bottle is finished this sample will be getting opened and used up until the packet is clean, yeah I love it that much.

Maybelline Baby Skin
I have heard a lot of bad things about baby skin, So when this came in a magazine I wasn't to bothered but it's stayed in my stash and I am sure I'll get around to being curious and seeing what it's like for me but for now it's staying hidden.

Garnier Moisturiser
I have tried one of these samples before and loved it the product smells amazing and makes my skin feel super soft. I am not sure why I never bought the full bottle after trying out the sample but after I open this one I am sure a trip to Boots will be in order for sure.

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