Friday, 27 March 2015

The Anniversary of RebekahMary

*opens party popper* If you haven't caught on yet I thought I'd do a post on a Friday to celebrate the fact it's been a year since I done my first ever blog post and I gave the whole blogging a go. It's hard believe little old me is actually still loving being a blogger a year on and I actually stuck with it even if it gets hard like right now. Where I am having major blogger's block. Talk about the timing right but sometimes I think you need that time to be completely stuck to open your mind to other ideas and blog posts that I look back at and think I loved that post so it's been worth it. Next week will be back to normal so not to worry.

I never thought a year on I would get opportunities that has opened up for me such as working with brands, earning from something I never thought would turn into anything and having a proper schedule with blogging it all seems a little crazy to me.

I can't thank you enough if you follow me through bloglovin or anywhere or if you just read along to my posts through following me on social media. You have really made me want to keep this blog going and make me enjoy it more and more everyday. With a brand spanking new design coming soon I feel so happy to have this little place on the internet where I can express my thoughts and feelings and I get a reply on what you think. Nothing is better than the blogging community full stop it rocks I feel thankful to be let in.

If you want to go down memory lane read my first blog post

Here is to another year?

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