Monday, 23 March 2015

REVIEW: HD Brows Eyebrow Palette

I have always been curious on HD Brows and after getting this beauty about a month or so ago and properly trying it out. I thought I'd sit down and do a good old review for you guys to give you the low down if it's any good or not.

First off I use Real Techniques brow brush to use the palette and it works a treat picking up just the right amount for each shadow. Starting from the left we have the highlighter which is a cream/peach colour. I like using just above the brows and and under it's not the best highlighter but if you want just a slight definition in places it works okay. The next two colours are the actual colours for filling in the brows in a dark and medium brown. I prefer the lighter brown as I like the more natural look and I don't exactly have small brows they are pretty thick. I don't want them to be look any thicker. I have the medium brown in the picture above and I'd say they look not to bad at all. I do skip the black so I find it a bit pointless but it can work as a eyeshadow or liner. Lastly is the wax the one I was the most curious about when I opened the palette as I have never used a wax. It does get dirty quick which is a pain but now I have started using a wax to set my brows in place I couldn't go back it catches the little hairs that never want to sit right and when I look at my brows through out the day they look just as good as they did in the morning.

Overall I love this palette and I think it's one that's super worth it!
HD Brows Eyebrow Palette in Vamp

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