Wednesday, 4 March 2015

REVIEW: The Glam Guide

Everyone has those blogger/vloggers that they completely trust in everything they say right? well FleurDeForce is that for me. So when I heard she was making a beauty/lifestyle book I was excited to say the least and knew it was a must purchase not just to support Fleur but you can't beat a good beauty/lifestyle book and I had a feeling this would be like no other.

I am obsessed with the cover I usually love a good hardback but I have fell for this. I love the water colour design and the rose gold in the wording "the glam guide". She explained in a video that each picture has a meaning behind it which I thought was such an adorable idea to do. The back being just as beautiful with more pictures including one's with her husband and puppies. I also loved how it gave you the headings of what each section of the book would be about great for a first time person finding Fleur to see what her interests are.

Inside the book, I love that straight away she says this isn't a book of what you must and must not do but more guide of what she likes to do and how it could help and be an interest to readers. I am never really a fan of the beauty/lifestyle books that say you must do this or you can't do that it really takes away what is you and what you like as the reader. Each page is laid out easy to read and you don't feel there is a ton of reading which makes it really easy to want to read more of. The illustrations and pictures are properly my favourite bit about the book they look freehanded but still so professional and really remind me of something (which is annoying me that I can't think what). The pictures of Fleur her self and others look amazing Fleur looks stunning in them all and it looks so professional.

Props to Fleur she deserves this I'm really glad the first beauty vlogger I ever watched is doing so well.

The Glam Guide 

(WHSmith are offering a shopping spree with Fleur so get it from there it's also cheaper than Waterstones)

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