Monday, 9 March 2015

Product Empties #2

Product empties are one of those posts that rarely pop up I either totally forget about my stash of rubbish I collect or I put it already in the bin without thinking. I need some mental reminder or something so I can collect more it really lets you get a honest review since the product is managed to be finished.

Zoella Fizz Bar
This is my favourite from the line the idea of it looking like a chocolate bar and that it is easily to break off as many squares as you want was such a good little idea I think. Just don't go tasting it while they don't give any fancy colour like Lush it gives more a calming sense and it smells fresh and almost a cleansing scent to it. Perfect for relaxing and I have had a really bad back lately so it's baths every night with blocks of this in it.

Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry
If you have read most of my posts you'll know I love this and I am on my third bottle already it's that good. It lathers up so easily and the smell is what wins it over it's like ice cream. The only downfall is the smell doesn't linger long after.

The Scrub of Your Life
I use this before my body wash and I really feel it took a lot of the dead skin off and freshened the skin. I compared my skin with and without using it and my legs felt softer and just general better when I use it. Soap and Glory you know your body scrubs well.

Kerastase Conditioner
In my opinion the best conditioner I have used. I recently changed to the Kerastase conditioner for dry hair specifically as suggested after a trip to the hairdressers. After using it I could notice straight away that my hair was better with the one previously. It felt softer, lighter and a shine when I used this compared to the one for dry hair while it gave it that it was no way to the extend this one did.

Simply Venus Razors
Maybe an odd one to add to an empties but I flipping love these razors I had to share. My skin doesn't get irritated by using them specially under the arms and my legs feel so soft when I use them specially in the shower they work so much better.

Asda Cotton Pads
I' am really picky about cotton pads the Boots and Superdrug one's I find irritate my eyes a lot. So I use Asda's and they work a treat. The larger ones take all of my make up off just using one side specially using my Simple Cleanser.

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