Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Comparing Dry Shampoo's

Dry Shampoo the hair care saviour in my opinion but with there being so much different brands and types. I thought I would compare three and let you know which is best for what and when.

Batiste is the best for when you should have really wash your hair but can't. It still manages to take a bit of the greasy away and give texture. Also the cherry scented is the best out of the collection it smells incredible.

Now I love using dry shampoo's not just for greasy but getting texture and after drying my hair I love using this one. I spray some in shake it through (no white marks) and it lifts the hair and it's got an amazing smell.

You are travelling then you want this one it's got a mix of the both but just a tad not as good but does the job you will need. I took this on holiday with me and it worked amazing in humid weather.

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