Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Sunday Skincare

Taking a break from the usual Sunday nail post I thought I would go through my skincare routine I do every Sunday to really give my skin that boost for the week ahead, since lately my skin has really needed it let's blame the weather.

TO CLEANSE // I have tried cleansers from REN, The Body Shop etc but I keep going back to my beloved Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion. It's cheaper than the rest and does the best job for my skin as I find water cleansers very drying to my skin so lotion is the way to do. The REN Cleanser broke me out so much that I ran straight back to this. It gets all my make up off using two cotton pads I swirl it around my face and boom done.

SCRUB OFF // I keep facial masks for Sunday's as I feel it can really make my skin very red if I use it to much but the Simple Facial Wash is one of the best out there for a good price. I apply it in the shower as it's the quickest way to get it off. It goes on when I go in then gets washed off when I am leaving the shower.

THE MASK // I whip out the face masks on a Sunday and recently I have been loving the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (what a tongue twister right?). I have really took to doing a mask once a week more serious since skincare became a new years resolution and a mask was on the tick list. It doesn't tighten on the skin which I love I find that a really cheap feeling and that it isn't doing much. I can still tell from feeling it that it's ready to take off after around 10 minutes though. Plus it smells like honey which usually I don't love the smell of honey but damn does my skin love it for one but I am actually growing to love the scent.

GET MOISTURE // Staying with REN I have been using the REN Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream. I haven't really dabbled to much into lots of moisturisers but I would say I utterly love it. It melts into the skin like a dream. Even though I am not fond of the slights floral scent it leave my skin feeling so soft that I'll give it the benefit of a doubt.

plus they all come out like pumps or tubes so on the hygienic it wins

If you think I am missing anything leave it down below I pretty combination skin but slightly more drier.

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