Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Not So Monthly Catch Up

Now, don't worry I am still writing my usual layout monthly catch up at the end of the month. I have had one of those week's where a lot can change and it lets you reflect on a year ago, a month or even just last week. So I thought I'd go through my pictures from when ever ago and just describe what I thought in that moment and looking back at them.

The Signature RebekahMary photo
If you follow me on twitter or like my facebook page you'll know this photo I have kinda dubbed it as the RebekahMary photo. I love how bright it is and it really stands out specially on my facebook page. If you want me to go through the products in it leave a comment below. P.s I'd love this faded out behind my blog title if anyone is good at that techy stuff.

For The Record
There is something about finding shops filled with old records that really brings me a bit to much happiness. I love how they all have that well loved feeling and that if you want away from modern technology you can still manage to find records. I even noticed a few HMV's starting to sell more relevant artists in vinyl.

The Trail
Every year we go up north and having this little trail behind where we stay always develops such beautiful pictures. It looks like a never ending track and right now I relate to that to much. Plus you are getting a bonus dog in the shot so you know.

Last of The Sun
This is back when I went to Tenerife and maybe it could do with a little less editing I love that you can still see the sun coming down and people at the beach. It's nice to have the good times from that holiday in picture.

The Edge of Water
Hard to believe that I just used my simple Ipod for this but it's all I used. I always love looking at this picture and I am not totally sure why the fact the sea can go for miles or the rocks breaking away just make it. It's even my laptop wallpaper so I am always looking at it.

Let me know if you liked this different Sunday post and I'll do it more to change it up.

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