Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Beauty Tips

After I done a post a while back on a must know beauty tip for the perfect eye shadows. I really wanted to do a post on a few more beauty tricks and tips that I have came across through loving everything beauty so let's give my run down of 5.

MASCARA TRICK - using a hand mirror can make all the difference to your lashes when applying any mascara I love YSL, Maybelline and Benefit one's. Hold the mirror down by your nose and look into the mirror it allows you to get right to the root of the lashes and get lashes you never knew were possible.

THE HAIR CHANGER - If you have thin hair this is the one for you to really get some volume to the hair. With some shampoo start at the back of the head it's the one place people forget to wash their hair and it's where the greasy hair will start. so massage it at the back of the head in circular motions. Not only will you feel cleaner you'll hair will be looking on point.

LIPSTICK TEETH -  Nothing worse than catching a mirror and seeing lipstick over your teeth so a fool proof way of having that problem no more is a simple one. After applying your lipstick of choice I am loving MAC, Rimmel and Tom Ford right now put your mouth into a "O" shape and take your finger through the O and no more lipstick teeth. For reasons you may want to do this one when no one is looking it can look a tad odd to say the least.

OVERLY BLUSHED -  One of my biggest problems before I found this it's seriously the best trick out of them all really you simply allow around two fingers from your nose to where you should place blush it will help it look super natural.

ACNE FREE - look at the ingredients and ones with salycilic acid or benzoyl peroxide will really bring down your acne your skin will notice a huge difference just as much as you.

Leave any beauty tips down below and I might mention them in the next tips post!

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