Monday, 16 February 2015

Recently Loved Perfume

I am a perfume collector I put my hands up and admit it. I own way to much but every now and again I will mix it up and bring out older ones I haven't worn in a while (do perfume have like an expire date? If it does I am done for). I also buy of get given ones that I will always wear for ages and ages until I get bored of the smell or I finish the bottle. Shout out to younger Rebekah who was obsessed with the Lacoste Touch Of Pink and finished it.

YSL Black Opium
I got given this at Christmas time and haven't stopped wearing it since. It works perfect as a night perfume and has that slight sexy smell you know the one. If you want a full review of the scent to the packaging check out my review.

Chloe Roses
I recently mentioned this in my Valentines Gift Guide after lovely guys from House of Fraser sent it over and this past week I have had it on everyday. I am so not one for floral scented perfume but this feels more girly and less granny as it has a slighty sweetness to it.

Amor Amor in a flash
An older one now but a goody I love this one during Spring/Summer it's very sweet so if you dont like sweet perfume you properly wont be loving this. It also lasts all day no joke it's best out of the bunch for lasting power.

Calvin Klein Down Town
Coming in lastly is down town, I was debating if I should put this in as it is a very required scent I think I have seen people say they really hate it but people saying they loved it. I loved it personally it's sweet but a different sweetness to in a flash it's got more a sharpness to it.

Let me know any perfumes you are loving right now.

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