Thursday, 5 February 2015

Instagram Editing

I'd like to say I have upped my Instagram quality - well at least tried to - I like the clean white background to photos specially on Instagram is gives a much more fresh feel that I like to look at. So let's run down my Instagram routine shall we?.

BEFORE I SNAP - Before I even start with filters or editing I try make sure what every I am picturing has plenty light to it. The better day light the brighter your photo will look. I also give my camera (I just use my iPhone) a quick clean before I use it no wipe or anything just a quick rub with my clothes I don't know if it really makes a difference but to me it does. If you can't get to a good lighting and no clear space use white card it's what I use a lot for Instagram and blog pictures (thank god I have brilliant lighting in my bathroom of all places).

TAKE A FEW - I think this has came from taking blog pictures but take a few pictures don't settle on the one more than likely there will be one that came out better than the rest and you can get onto editing that one.

GET APPY - The amount of apps I have heard about for editing is crazy but there is two I stick to religiously as they are easy to use and I get exactly what I want.

VSCO Cam being the first, their filters are the best out there as they are all so different (keep an eye out on their shop for filters they are always doing deals I have got a few for free from it). I use the F2 filter as it really brightens my pictures even more than they were. When my Instagram feed was more dark I loved using T1 and got asked all the time what it was.

Snapseed is where my picture goes after VSCO Cam this app is so easy to use and lets you brighten, ambiance, contrast, saturation, shadow and warmth (I don't use warmth). I usually mess about with my picture on this adjusting it till I am happy with the outcome. Then go to the detail tab and sharpen the image and give it some structure.

There you go straight onto Instagram the photo goes.

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