Wednesday, 11 February 2015

HAIR UPDATE: L'Oreal Hair Chalk in Garden Party

No I'm not messing about with actual chalk again I am finally getting around to using L'Oreal non-permanent after getting it before Christmas (blame being ill not lazyness). I thought I'd do a post on how it turned out and my thoughts.

I had really high hopes for this product after picking it up it was the right colour I wanted for the ends of my hair and while it was called chalk it was in a liquid so was sure the colour would go on a lot better and when opening the bottle the colour was bright and really looked like it would stay on my hair (my hair is very dry already).

Reminder my Mum is no hairdresser she got stuck into. The hairdresser said it was better applied using a sponge so my Mum went out and got some but the product seemed to drain into the sponge quickly and less into my hair so went back to the little squares you get with the product and put a good amount on it and drag it through the hair. Through out applying we used the hair-drier to dry the product in and well it's what it said on the packet. Overall it was quick and not a bother to apply but definitely I would prefer to go through it with sections with this product and build up the colour.

As I said above it does need built up and while I'd love to do that going into work with green hair would maybe be a bit odd so I have settled for a faint green that is more noticeable in the light. I was hoping for more a brighter and better result from the first application to the hair and don't think I'd waste my money on this again so if you have any product suggestions leave them below I'd heard good things about Fudge Hair.

L'Oreal Hair Chalk in Garden Party

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