Tuesday, 24 February 2015

February | Monthly Favourites

I can't actually get over how quick the weeks are going in recently and February has been one weird month for me more about that on my montly catch up post. For now let's go through things I have been loving through February beauty, fashion and everything in-between.

Chloe Perfume
I mentioned this in my Valentines Guide and Updated Perfume posts and haven't stopped using it since. I was never one for floral smells but this has really changed me it's now my day perfume and properly won't change until the end of Summer. So call me out if I put a new perfume in a favourites in the next few months.

Fleur De Force Glam Guide
When I got into the world of blogging/vlogging Fleur was the first beauty girl I found online and what really got to start my blog. She is a huge inspiration and I couldn't be more happier for her to have released a book. It is so well made and you can see Fleur took her time to make every page beautiful. The photos are also stunning so props to Fleur. (full review soon)

Tank Tee Zara (not available)
I saw this late in 2014 in Zara but never picked it up but after a recent trip into Edinbrugh's Zara I noticed it again and it was down to £7. I just had to pick it up it's floaty and goes with basically anything I love it with just my black high waisted skinny's. The bottom also does around at a slope so covers your bum perfectly. I can't wait to wear this more through Spring/Summer.

REN Night Cream
I never got into the whole night creams until I tried out REN's and I will not turn back now it works wonders and my skin is so thankful for it. My skin feels plumper, fresher and just clean if you want the full review it's here.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
After finally getting around to washing my make-up brushes. I know I should do it every week but I don't have the time. I started to use my buffing brush again and fell hook line and sinker for it. I forgot how well it sinks the foundation into the skin and blends it so quick. I just wish it wouldn't take so much product as it dries the brush out so quick.

Let me know your favourites for the month below!

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