Monday, 9 February 2015

Concealer Brushes You Never Thought Of

It's fair to say I am one for taking ages on washes my make-up brushes and this is how I ended up using brushes from my collection I never thought would work for concealer but were surprisingly the best one's ever so let's get the run down on the concealer brushes you need to know about like right now...

MAC 217
When people think 'the' eyeshadow brush MAC 217 automatically comes to mind but I randomly picked it up one day from my collection while doing my concealer and thought it might work well. Dang! I was right it's so soft so you don't feel you are dragging the make up or your skin. It also works the best out of all three for quick and easy coverage under the eyes as the shape fits perfectly right under the eyes making them look even brighter.

Real Techniques Contour
The bigger brush out of all three but just as good specially under the eyes and along the nose. If I am using a thicker concealer Benefit Boi-ing for example is thicker and using a bigger brush really helps when I am using this as it works the product into the skin 10x better.

Real Techniques Base Shadow
Forget it's name and this baby will work amazing for covering spots,scars and redness at the nose due to it's shape it has a slight curve so get's into the redness at the nose is way to easily. It also packs on the product due to it's more flatter shape.

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