Monday, 23 February 2015

Breakfast and Lunch Fool Proof Meals

Now I like my food like everyone else and I thought I'd share the kind of things I am enjoying more for breakfast and lunch. They are quick and easy if you are like me and need to rush out the door in the morning and don't have time to prepare a 2 course breakfast and lunch.

Fruit Yoghurt Pot
I have went through this before in a breakfast idea post and I still use it. It's healthy quick and tasty it's basically fool proof.

Hummus and Crackers or Carrot Sticks
I get these little tubs from Asda but you can get them at any supermarker. My bag is always full so just having little tubs takes up hardly any room and they do for lunch but also as a snack. The stacker pack are so much better than buying the bigger tubs as you get a variety of flavours I prefer the red pepper out of all three.

CousCous with Pasta
I prepare this the night before so I can pick it up and go, Hot water in the couscous for 5 minutes boil some pasta and mix it in to the couscous. I then added Nando's medium sauce to give it a kick and a sauce to go with.

Leave your quick easy meals below!

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