Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Winter Candles

Everyone loves a good candle during the winter months and I have the ones I am always re lighting. I really go with the traditional scents but love some different ones to still make the room feel fresh and not that you just walked into a mini winter wonderland.

Isle of Skye Candle Company Ginger & Nutmeg
I picked this up when I went to the Christmas fair which I popped a post up about. Isle of Skye Candles had a stall and well when I see candles and I usually go and smell them all pure candle addict right here. After smelling them all Ginger and Nutmeg really stood out from the others it's not overly gingery that it can give you are sore head the nutmeg really calms the scent down and I could just stand and smell it all day than stand with a sore head.

Torc Candle Pomegranate
I can't even remember how I came across Torc candles I have had a bunch of different scents but I love the Pomegranate during winters it's not to strong that it would only work in winter it would really work all year around but as I said this would be the one to calm the strong smells down it's just fresh.

Yankee Candle Christmas Collection
Okay, yes I am holding onto the festive season still burning yankee candles Christmas smells but I got a few for Christmas and I don't want them left till next year so I am burning them now. Frosted snow is my favourite out of them all.

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