Monday, 26 January 2015

The OTT Organisation

I definitely think 2015 will be my year of organisation and it's already started of with a bang after bringing out two organised notepads at college I got the look of "are you okay?". But my over the top organisation is working a treat for sure I have a tone less stress on me specially with blogging as I have set Sunday's as the day I write all my posts up and having none of that stress for a week is a blessing.

The Diary - I got this little gold book from Kate Spade and I am in love with it it's so adorable. I plan my next day ever day and make sure I write down everything I need to do. I then tick it off as I go to make sure I am organised it's so helpful and having everything done and being able to just sit down after has turned into a blessing.

The Blogging Planner - I may have stole this helpful organisation from Lily Pebbles in this video
and it turned into the best thing I did. I picked up a cheap notepad from Ryman and wrote down the numbers of the month down the side then put the title next to it so I knew what blog post I was marking off then put a tick list starting from Posts, Text, Links, Schedule, Facebook, Twitter and I added Instagram at the end it's amazing how much times I'll forget to add links or schedule. I sometimes can be in the mood for taking a ton of pictures and some will be easier to take than others so being able to know what has been done and not is the best thing I have done.

The Week Plan - I showed this in a older organisation post and it's still going strong. Paperchase is the best for cute organisation things. I was in there just last week and they still have these in the store if you are interested they just have a different design on them. I put this beside my bed so I know what post is which day through out the week instead of getting out my proper planner. It also helps as you can't schedule instagram photos to go up like with facebook and twitter as far as I know let me know if you know!. So it lets me put up the right picture that day, it's also just super cute.

Just got to deal with college now I suppose...

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