Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Monthly Catch-Up

January has actually been a really good month for everything. I love writing these posts up not just for catching you guys up with me but let's me look over everything and remember the good little parts so let's break down January...

BLOGGING / If you caught yesterday's post you'd know I have kinda went the extra mile with organisation specially with blogging. It's really helped getting posts done and I haven't been missing days like I was for a while. It really brought me down if I couldn't get a post up the day I was planning since while blogging is a major hobby and passion of mine I also take it super seriously and I really want to work as hard as I can on posts. I was really getting writers block when it came to posts in 2014 but I have really opened up my eyes if to say in 2015 as I have been reading new bloggers and I definitely think it's the perfect way to come up with ideas not in the copying sense though.

LIFE // I like to be honest on RebekahMaryx and while I have loved January there is definitely been a few downs. I have got rid of those downs and I feel so much better for it bringing people from your past into your future will only take you to the past and that's what I felt I was doing and I didn't want it at all. I feel my confidence and general happiness has got a lot better during this month if that's to do with blogging or just spending time with family. Also while this is not life I finally created a facebook page after wanting to get one made up for ages. I know it only takes a second but know those things you can't get around to well that was one so if you want to like my page for blog posts, rambles and photos Like it

Plus those lighter nights are coming in hallelujah it's a major blogging prob.

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