Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My MAC Must Haves

When I first looking at high end make up everyone thinks MAC so if you are starting to look at high end make up or want some MAC recommendations get MAC website up and get shopping.

When I first looked at MAC I went bold with Cyber lipstick and I really regret it now, while I love the lipstick I very rarely wear it and it really dries the lips out so stick with easy colours pink/nudes it's the best way to start of and most are cremesheen so are super moisturising and the lips don't feel major dried out. Creme Cup and Patisserie are great ones for starting out both super hydrating and so easy to wear they go with everything and a staple everyday lipstick for me. (Creme Cup is the bottom and Patisserie at the top above)

Fair to say that I haven't dabbled into MAC Eyeshadows massively but the ones I do love being All That Glitters and Omega. Omega is perfect for the brows it doesn't give massive of colour pay off so my brows aren't looking like slugs but gives enough to fill in the gaps and give that Cara feeling. All That Glitters is a raved about shadow and it's a right stable pinky/peach with glimmers of shimmer it's perfect as a base colour or on the outer lid. (All That Glitter on left Omega on right above)

Let me know your MAC staples or any I missed out

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