Monday, 5 January 2015

Music of My 2014

Since I done my beauty favourites of 2014 I thought I would share the music I have been loving as well through 2014. It will range from singles I had on repeat,albums I could never pick my favourite songs from and new artists found.


I think I fell for these guys down to their personality they really reminded me of Lawson due to their humour coming across in YouTube videos and I couldn't get enough. I really have been obsessed since early in 2014 their pop/rock and R&B sound is really up beat and watching performances they really get the crowd going. 2014 is the year they really got known and I say they done it well with being knowing in their home ground UK and across the pond in America. Defo planning on seeing these guys in 2015 


Another huge find for me this year, after jumping from music video to the next on YouTube anyone else do that? I came across these guys. Their sound is alternative pop and they definitely have those songs where you have a group around you've all got a bit tipsy and want something to sing and clap along to. I like all their albums/ep's but Sake of Love has to be my favourite of 2014 each song in the EP just has it's own little sound and if you want a group that can stay a little secret before the world catches on to their amazing music these guys are the ticket.

The Neighbourhood

These guys started touring with The 1975 and that's how I came across them and I'd say they are pretty known now with being played on Radio 1 sometimes. Sweater Weather is their most known song and it's how I came pretty obsessed with them. Their album is just as good as sweater weather and I had it repeat during a part of 2014. Like The 1974 they like their black and white so if you like their music you'll like The Neighbourhood


Foxes is hands down the best person I have came across this year, she has made it into my favourite female singers with Nina Nesbitt and Gabrielle Aplin who I came across back in 2013. I even done a Get The Style post on Foxes as including her music her fashion style is amazing. Her album Glorious is in my top 5 albums like from forever. She is such a babe!

Singles -  Ella Eyre - Comeback // Lower Than Atlantis - Emily // The 1975 - Medicine // James Bay - Hold Back The River

Let me know down below music you've found or loved in 2014

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