Thursday, 22 January 2015

Get That Lipstick Off That Won't Budge

Removing lipstick is usually easy peasy but everyone has those lipsticks that are just impossible the ones that pretty much stain the lips well I have got the trick you have been after.

MAC Cyber Rimmel Provocalips and Bourjous Rough Edition Velvet are my worst enemies for getting off my lips and after trying so many ways to get them off I think I finally got it.

I start by doing my usual skincare routine then taken a clean fresh cotton pad and use my Simple Cleanser just for my lips and put it on a cotton pad after a few good wipes of the lips most is off.
Then if you are a older reader here you will remember my homemade lipscrub post which I still use and I place a bit on my finger and scrub the lips due to the lipstick being on my lips all day it really dries them off so this is perfect. It also takes off the existing lipstick and there you have it a little lip balm on and your lips are back to normality.

I hope this post helps anyone I know it can be a utter struggle with most cleansers getting some lipsticks off.

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