Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Best of RM in 2014

After my first year of blogging my most read posts are pretty interesting to me (thank god for google analytics which I am still working out how to actually use). So I thought I'd share the posts on Rebekah Mary that you have been loving reading over the year of 2014.

5. In at number five is March Monthly Favourites an odd one to make it into the top 5 but never the less it's there. This was round about when I started blogging so your bet is most of the views are me #newbloggerprobs.

4. In at number four is The Concealer Triangle Trick also known to me as when I started to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and became obsessed with Kim's make up and thought I could do it. I still do the trick daily and it really does brighten under the eye.

3. In at number three is a recent Christmas Gift Guide from Boots Boots know how to bring it every Christmas and in 2014 they didn't let us down. I gave my view on the best gifts available for the festive season.

2. In at number two is my recent Review of Rimmel Provocalips I was rooting for this one to be in at number 1 as everyone knows how much I am obsessed with this product it's my dream and I can't stop using it. Expect this in more posts in 2015.

1. Coming in at number one is........ my Review of Bleach London Hair Crayon which I am not that surprised about. When I went to look up about them before buying I couldn't find much at all so I hope this helped anyone curious on the product. It really gave me the confirmation that I want to dye my hair blue/green. Get ready it's coming!

If your favourite post of my mine isn't there let me know down below

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