Monday, 12 January 2015

A Update: The Shower Routine

I've planned to write this post for a good couple of weeks after being obsessed with the new products I am using in the shower and have been dying to share, I have finally got around to it and I hope you will love them just as much as I do there is one you just HAVE to.

Original Source Shower Gel in Vanilla and Raspberry
I have went though two bottles of this now and addicted isn't even the word for how good this is, if you remember those old campino sweets with the red and white swirls it smells exactly like that amazing right?. I am usually not one for picking up random shower gels when shopping but I am so glad I picked this up on a win. If you haven't worked it out already this is the one that you HAVE to get.

Kerastase Bain Bio-Recharge For Dry Hair
I was at the hairdressers just before Christmas and she noticed how dry my hair was and suggested this and the conditioner linked below so I gave them a go. I have used Kerastase products before which you would know if you read my previous shower routine and they really do work fantastic on my hair. The shampoo really didn't disappoint my hair is lasting longer without being greasy and I have had a totally reduction in dandruff which is my biggest pain. I really can't give a bad word about it.

Kerastase Cristalliste Lait Cristal Luminous Perfecting Conditioner
I really loved the previous Kerastase conditioner I used so I wasn't really into changing but I don't really think it made a difference in either conditioners they are both similar. I am still getting a lot of volume and my hair feels so soft so if you can't get your hands on a certain conditioner from Kerastase I'd say try another from them and you properly won't see much of a difference.

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