Monday, 19 January 2015

3 Foodies You Need To Know About

I love my food just as much as the next person and want to share my top 3 blogger, youtuber and instagrammer who I am reading, liking and double tapping all the time without further rambling lets see the food.

The Blogger - Call Me Cupcake
Linda's photography is seriously on point everything looks so professionally done and classic. Her recent cupcake post puts anything I have ever made to shame but I am still going to give them a go keep an eye on my Instagram for that one. She also has three cook/baking books out and the first has been translated into English yes!. Yes I didn't mention Linda is Swedish so you know it's gonna be good food.

The Youtuber - The Domestic Geek
You know when you get suck into the world of YouTube and just go to recommended video to the next yeah well this is how I came across Sara aka known as The Domestic Geek. Her channel is mixed between healthy food and recipes for when you want that delicious treat. The recipes are super easy I mean if I can do it anyone can really. Her voice is also super calming which makes it such a blessing to watch.

The Instagrammer - CareyNotCarrie
I came across Carey after searching for food instagrammers and her account caught my attention straight away. Similar to Linda her photography is seriously beautiful and skills that only I could dream to have. To tasty treats and food you could only wish you could make for dinner Carey has it all. She doesn't update Instagram everyday but when you do see a picture come down your feed there is no thinking you are already double tapping.

Let me know if you know any foodie bloggers, youtubers or instagrammers and share the delicious food.

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