Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 Favourites

With it being my first year of blogging it's fair to say I have opened my eyes really to more beauty brands and tried out a ton it's super hard to narrow it down but here is my picks. a few I am sure you will guess already. P.S GRAD A TEA IT'S A LONG ONE

Rimmel Provocalips in Kiss Me You Fool
You knew this one was coming if you are a avid reader of mine, It's my top statement lipstick of the year for sure the lasting power as you know is crazy and it's way to easy to apply. It is basically my dream product so bless you Rimmel for releasing it.

Urban Decay Naked 2
I haven't stopped using this palette through the whole year it's my favourite out of the naked palettes each colour is just so me. I wouldn't doubt it will carry on being using through 2015 even if it has to battle with Naked 3.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
I have tried around 4 foundations this year and this still comes out trumps over them all. Soon as the weather gets a tad warmer I bring this out it's in the shade True Ivory and it's just perfect for around spring/summer it's so dewy and really brightens the skin. So lives up to it's name.

Buxom Lip Cream in White Russian
After loosing my Sephora virginity and ordering a few things, this came in a set and it was at first the one I wasn't really caring for trying out but after one application everything changed and it became a favourite. I even did a post on it, it makes the lips look bigger and makes them cold it really changed my view on lip glosses all together.

MAC Creme Cup
When I got this I just wanted something everyone was raving about and picked it up and I still love it now. I really have wore it all year it's nearly my lips but better with just a tad of pink tone.

NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer in Vanilla
You bet ya' this wasn't getting left out, I love this so much it's seriously the best concealer I have ever found it covers so well. It isn't heavy and you get a good amount of product it's so worth the money.

Amor Amor in a flash
Can't do a favourites without a perfume and Amor Amor won it this year. It's sweet but a touch of floral I love it it's super addictive.

ZARA Scarf (can't find)
After getting this just a few months back I don't think I have took it off since it'd my favourite thing in my wardrobe a true statement piece. Zara scarf's in general are beautiful and if you want a statement for 2015 rush to a Zara.

Zara Dress
I got this back in the middle of the year and it lasted me through Summer without tights and it's worked through Winter with tights and a thick jumper a real essential. I think in 2014 I really have found my style as well with trying out different brands Zara included and really wearing whatever I want.

USA Pro Leggings (can't find)
Even though to the end of the year I haven't had the time to workout through the year I really had time and got really into working out and when I saw these leggings I had to get them. Nice workout clothes make me want to workout more and I love these the design it's just something I don't own already and they are super comfy.

I have already mentioned this in my Montly Catch up but it was my year of starting blogging and it's really one of my biggest achievements and a true favourite. I have never been happier to have started let's to more in 2015

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