Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014

I love these posts and want to share a few pieces I got for Christmas, this is no way bragging I am grateful for everything and if you got any money for Christmas you may like a few things and give you some ideas.

It's fair to say this year it's been a beauty gifts year, obviously a lot of my family know I love make up it really is the perfect gift for me since I'll try anything.

Most of my gift's were not a surprise and I knew I was getting, I got this lovely set from REN Skincare including a moisturiser, cleanser, night scream and a mask. I can't wait to try some new skincare. From my Mum I got a few MAC bits including all that glitters, omega eye shadows and morange and patisserie lipstick. When the Naked 3 palette came out I was after it for ages but never got around to getting before so when I got it for Christmas I was so happy to finally have more peachy/pink eye shadows in my collection. During everyone's gift guides the same product always popped up the Benefit Cheek Sweet Spot it was the best set this year and I luckily got it as a gift. I got a surprise from my Dad with this palette from HD Brows, I have always wanted to try something from HD Brows and when I opened this I got so excited. I have gave it a shot since and my brows in my opinion look on point. I love my books and after hearing Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeUp go on about the Sali Hughes book Pretty Honest it's has every beauty tip you need including dealing with beauty counters one of my biggest fears. I love my John Green books and An Abundance of Katherine's was the only one I had left to get so I now have every one of his books 2015 shall be the year of reading. Which leads me to a DVD the Fault In Our Stars I loved the book and seen the film so now you may get tweets of me crying over the film 24/7 my apologies. I got this lovely purse from my Dad's friend and it almost looks like it's Mulberry I don't think it is but it's freaking beautiful and I can't get enough of the design. After a night trip to Primark a month or so back my Mum and I were walking out and this cute jumper caught my eye and I was gutted I didn't pick it up. I got such a shock opening this present and seeing the little faces on the jumper (leave guesses below what the animal is because I still have no clue!) I have hardly took it off since. You can't beat a bit of chocolate and everyone knows my favourites are Lindt, there is one box empty and in the bin already 2015 body here I come....

Hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas leave a few in the comments.

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