Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Monthly Catch Up

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Boxing Day with your families and got everything you wanted. I thought this was the perfect time to do my monthly catch up in all things life, blogging and more.

It's fair to say in general life I have been feeling a tad rubbish with being caught with the cold and flu all Christmas (blame that I work in a nursery). There is no escaping it really and it's on it's second week and still won't budge. I have tried everything from lemsips, cough syrup and paracetamol and it wont budge so if you have any tricks for getting it to leave I would so appreciate it. Apart from that I have been great and have been feeling super festive I have a huge love for wrapping presents even if they are ended up ripped apart my Mum doesn't really get my obsession. I had a lovely Christmas day and I hope you did too.

In terms of blogging I am leaving the year I started up my blog to a new one and I can't wait to see what it has in store for me. I couldn't happier I started this blog even if it can get a bit stressful at times with college work as well it's really never stopped me loving it. When I first signed up for blogger I didn't think I would still be doing it now more that I would get bored of it after a month but it's never felt like that designing and being able to write my own words out to an audience is crazy but has really gave me something of my own and just last month as you know I started to earn a little bit off doing something I love. A huge thank you to readers you are why I am still doing this.

To the future I have a ton of plans one still being London while it may not happen in 2015. I will still being looking at it I know if I don't do it I will regret it. By the end of this year I will be finished College and fully out of education with my SVQ 3 Childcare and Education which is a little scary. It's fair to say you get dependable on education once you are in it and I will be free from it so do expect break down posts of me not knowing what the heck I am doing and finding a job.

Hope you had a lovely month!

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