Thursday, 11 December 2014

Staying Cosy For Winter Routine

There is nothing better than putting on a onesie or a cosy pair of joggers/sweatpants on a winter's night with a hot chocolate so here is my routine.

STEP 1 // Get that make up off your face, as I mentioned in my last post I have been loving the Tea Tree Cleanser from The Body Shop it really helps keep the skin fresh and I need that through winter as my skin gets dry and this has been a saviour.

STEP 2 // Tie the hair into the messiest bun you can and just forget about it it's time to be lazy as you can be.

STEP 3 // Get into the cosy clothes I love my onesie I got last year from New Look (not in stock anymore). But lately I have just been sticking to my baggy jumper from Jack Wills and my joggers/sweatpants to match they are super soft and cosy and a lot easier than the onesie to get off.

STEP 4 // I know I mentioned a hot chocolate above but I have been using the Drink Me Chai Latte more and more often it tastes pretty similar to Costa but you get it at home in a powder. I then get my favourite show or open my Youtube subscription box and sit and watch. DONE SORTED

If you have any little tips for winter leave them below

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