Wednesday, 10 December 2014

So You've Been Feeling Ill

So the past week I have been coughing, sneezing and everything inbetween that I basically have no voice left. With Winter here I am sure some of you reading this are the exact same it's rubbish so here are a few things to pick your self back up.

THE PRODUCTS TO FEEL REFRESHED // There is nothing worse when you get red and a little sore under the nose from all the tissues you have had to use (ew!). So I love to fresh it up and get rid of anything with the Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser. With the tea tree it really helps with the fresh smell and it is a little bit strong it can help with that blocked nose too.

RELAX // Run a bath, light some candles and get som
e relaxing music to really take time for your self. I always feel better after a bath it's like your body is just had a shake but without the shaking (you get what I mean right). After get some comfy clothes I have been stuck in my Jack Wills hoodie and joggers and get cosy with a hot chocolate and the new episode of Pretty Little Liars.

FEEL GOOD LOOK GOOD // My plan when I am better is to stick a bright red lip on and feel good about it no more feeling sorry for my self and having a tissue handly every two minutes. The Rimmel 111 will do the trick.

What do you like to do when your feeling poorly?

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