Sunday, 21 December 2014

My Trouble With Skincare

Okay I have something to admit I don't understand skincare. I try to do it everyday but let's admit we all have had those nights we can not be bothered and go to sleep lipstick in tact.

Is High End Worth The Hype // I love high end make up but I have a question when reading other bloggers or watching beauty youtubers and a high end skincare pops up I just can't get the hype. I don't know if I see the luxury in skincare or I just can't justify the price when you get amazing drugstore skincare Simple for example.

Sticking To Drugstore // I love the Simple Cleanser when I first started to look into skincare it was the first product I picked up and I haven't changed since. I don't if that is a good or bad thing knowing your skin can get used to products. It also doesn't irritate my skin so I'll be sticking to drugstore skincare

What's your view see the hype or not?

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sorry for not being that active on the blog or social media the past week just everything piled up on me and needed to just stop and I have been ill too.

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